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The Integrity Library System is priced according to two options:  the Internet version where you access the software over the Internet, or Integrity Library System software installed on your computer at your location.

Internet version

Integrity Data Systems recommends the Internet version when:

Integrity Library System installed at your location

1-4 Users $495
5-20 Users $995
Unlimited Users $2,495

You can use the following list of pros and cons help determine which option is right for you.  The pros and cons are listed for the option of installing the Integrity Library System at your location.  The pros and cons of the Internet version are generally the opposite of what are listed below.  If the descriptions seem too complicated or overly technical, or you canít figure out the best option, donít worry!   Integrity Data Systems will work with you to determine the best configuration for your needs.

Pros and cons for Integrity Library System installed at your location

Pros Cons
Please contact Integrity Data Systems to see which option best fits your needs.
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