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The Life Scheduler helps you manage information for all aspects of your pregnancy center:

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Client record keeping.  Client information and services requested (e.g. pregnancy test, counseling, support services, etc.) are easily recorded and retrieved. Multiple notes can be entered and are automatically marked with the person making the note and the date and time. Notes for all visits by the client are easily and quickly retrieved for effective follow-up.

After a client has been seen, pregnancy test results (if applicable) and spiritual interaction are recorded on the Client Intake screen, along with demographic information including marital status, race, age, and number of other vital pieces of information. The number and names of the actual items within each category can be easily changed to fit the terminology and information needed by your pregnancy center. Click on the screen shot on the right to see a sample of what is recorded on the Client Intake screen.

Appointment Scheduling.  A calendar grid makes it easy to view and add phone-in or walk-in appointments.   Weekly views and daily views may be used.  One click of the mouse displays the appointment details and allows entry of client information as it becomes available.  Appointments can easily be rescheduled to a different day or time or even a different clinic. Cancellations and no-shows can noted and retrieved for follow-up.  Available timeslots for appointments are color coded by appointment type (counseling, medical, support services, etc.) for easy viewing.
Statistics.  Client and appointment statistics for one or multiple clinics for any span of months are generated in a few seconds.   All statistics required for the CareNet annual report plus several others are generated.
Client Search.  Powerful client searching gives you the ability to quickly locate and see client histories. Search by any part of client's name, who has seen the client, and appointment dates. Click on a client's name or appointment in the search results to immediately display the details of that appointment. Cancelled appointments can be retrieved easily to assist in follow-up. An Outcome Report is useful for seeing pregnancy outcomes for particular clients or time periods.
Advanced Donor and Contact Management.  Keep track of your donations and other people and organizations of interest (churches, ministries, businesses, individuals). Includes powerful searching, bulk email with ability to merge data into the email message, quick reports of donations for any time period or event, and produces your annual donation letters to all your donors. You can also download search results to create mailing labels or form letters using a word processor such as Microsoft Office.

Click on the upper screen shot at right to see the donation entry screen; click on the lower screen shot to see an example of a donor report.

User Management.  Access to the system is managed by having different classes of users, each of which have different capabilities depending upon the need to see or modify appropriate information.   Volunteer or part time users can be scheduled for their shifts, and only given access during that time.
Multiple Clinics.  The Life Scheduler is designed to handle multiple clinics sharing the same set of clients.  It allows the same client to be scheduled in different clinics without having to re-enter client information.  Appointment schedules, appointment history, services rendered, and client information are available to all clinics.  Client privacy and confidentiality is ensured via proven Internet security technology (SSL) and several built-in security measures.
Hotline phone log.  Track each incoming phone call and enter call nature and other details if desired.
Customization.  The Life Scheduler can be tailored to your specific needs by providing a large number of customizations, including services and terminology for your CPC,  appointment types (typically consultation and medical), color schemes for clinics, and many other options.
Training System.  The Life Scheduler includes a separate training database that can be used to train new staff and volunteers without having to worry about affecting actual client data. It is also very useful for experimenting with customizations that can make your pregnancy center even more effective.

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